Apparently I poked a hornet’s nest with that comparison. Anyway.

Days’ worth of work on a new ZBrush practice model. I took Nyreen as the base, but elongated the head back to something of a more turian neck/head connection. The lack of fringe does exaggerate the length, but extending the plates back seems to compensate. I also did the full compliment of plates along the neck, though they’re probably raised too far. If I did it again I’d keep the full set but have them lying much flatter to the skin. They’re too harsh right now (although to do sort of recall long hair in a way…).

Still, I think this is closer to how I envision the female turians. The lack of fringe, the more smooth mandibles, wider nose, but the same head/heck connection and elongated skull. And round pupils.

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    Vast improvement on Nyreen’s design! Fixes all that bugged me about it and thought wholly inconsistent with the way...
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    Oooooooh I like! If there were an option to use this I would. Love the full compliment of plates protecting a properly...
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