happy easter 

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the quiet moments when you otp is all banged up after barely surviving a firefight and they’re patching each other up (✿ ♥‿♥)

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This is the brilliance and attention to detail of these figures. Swerve’s alternate head is the result of his… mishap with the Shoomer, a gun almost as big as he is. 

Okay, so even after millions of years of war, not all Autobots are all that handy in a fight. Hence the gift of My First Blaster from the ever-unhinged Brainstorm, the design of which I suspect probably owes a debt to Scooty-Puff Jr. of Futurama fame.

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Swerve and Gears

Maketoy’s not-Swerve and not-Gears, Trash-Talk and Cogwheel. These are wonderful little guys, chock full of detail, personality and charm. I love them to pieces. The set includes extra heads, two guns, and even a tray of drinks for Swerve. Swerve’s My First Blaster came on a separate set of sprues, and it’s just perfect. If you’re at all a follower of MTMTE, this is one of the best 3P offerings to date.





How the fuck has anyone killed the high dragon in Origins I barely get it down to quarter health before everyone in my party is dead

*Imagine this whole post in the voice of the Onyxia wipe video dude*

If you are not the tank you are not in front of the dragon. You are not behind the dragon. You are on the side of the dragon. Keep healers and ranged dps at maximum range. More DoTs. Stun the dragon whenever possible. 

> runscript killallhostiles

Shale, Shale, and Shale.

She is the best dragon tank in all the lands. Not only tough as nails when in full tank mode, but she’s the only party member immune to the instant kill animation. That ends up being pretty significant.

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Cherno Alpha

My favorite jaeger, finally on my shelf. I daresay this one is better executed than the previous figures, even. The extending power fists are a wonderful touch.