So close to finishing my starting-work challenge of getting that squad of space marines painted. Just need to base half of them and do a final correction pass and sealing. Might even get their bus done too… decided to repurpose an unpainted Razorback I had from my Templar army. Shrink the Closet of Shame!

Then it’s the command squad and Sternguard that have been kicking around for a while, and the mostly-done drop pod… then I can buy something new! Hehe.

I really need to trim my Tumblr follow list a bit for my sanity. Even if I always feel like a heel doing it. :P

One more day.

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Back in my twenties, I was just really getting into werewolves and was introduced to the game Werewolf: The Apocalypse by my friends.  I was instantly hooked by this roleplaying game.  The game had a lot of books with rules and such, and a lot of the art in them was crap, except for artwork by Ron Spencer.  His depiction of werewolves blew me away and are what really got me started on drawing my own.  I loved how massive and shaggy his werewolves were, and they had this wild ferociousness to them.  They were the first “beautiful werewolves” I had ever seen.  Ron’s art still continues to inspire me greatly. I still adore his style, and the way he draws his werewolves.  I love their huge arms and massive hand-paws, and how pointy they are!  All shaggy fur and teeth and claws.  They really look like how a werewolf should look like, like they are creatures that can really mess up your world in a big and nasty way.  Hats off once again to you, Ron.  You are still my hero ^.^

You can find more of his artwork on his blog at http://ronspencer.wordpress.com

1000% this! Much fluffy death

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endless creys


Look how young and adorable they are!

My God Mirina Sirtis is beautiful

she was v. formative to my blossoming queerness ok

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no but people who don’t like pacific rim because it wasn’t logical or scientifically accurate like


we know

we don’t care

it is an homage to that genre. the original godzilla was a dude clearly in a rubber suit stomping cardboard tokyo and we were supposed to just accept that. pacific rim is a movie where a government council sat around like “what are we gonna do about these giant aliens coming from the ocean?”

"let’s build equally giant robots to punch them in the face"

"yes perfect" and like, that was of course the logical response because it’s friggin cool

mako didn’t use the sword because she had to wait until the perfect cinematic moment to do so

this movie is a love letter to painfully dumb action movies, but it is also one of the smartest movies i’ve ever seen. it’s just telling a story in a different way. instead of having audience vehicle main character explain everything to us, the movie shows you a world and asks you to accept its premise, and then lets you discover the story yourself.

this movie glorifies platonic love and familial bonds, this movie is about how we as people are stronger together, that it’s not one lone hero guy who can save the world, but the unity of all of us. it’s about the sheer unmitigated gall of humanity- “fuck this noise, we’re canceling the apocalypse!” it’s about the stupid dumb loud optimism that looks at the world and wants it to better, demands it be better, and does so with fists of steel.

it’s bombast and noise and i love it to bits so shut up and sit down and let me enjoy my giant robots punching giant monsters in the face okay?

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wow you’re so right this is totally not our car covered by inches and inches of snow what are you talking about there’s no snow in Canada at all haha

So true. This is actually the annual Canadian sugar harvest.

The four seasons of Canada are: Almost winter, Winter, Still winter, and Roadwork.

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Eventually, bored by both birds and human, Ben stands up, puts a paw on the wall, and stretches to his full and impressive height. He reaches around the corner of the wall, to where a small mask of the Lord of Infinite Compassion is hanging. He glances over to make sure that he has my full attention, then shoves the mask with a paw.

"BEN! Leave Ganesh alone!"

The damn cat has found one of my great psychological weaknesses. I am a straightener of art. He has learned that if he shoves a painting askew, while I watch, I am physically compelled to get up and straighten it. The photographs in my bedroom are particular prey to this when he wants to be fed. There I am, sleeping the sleep of the reasonably just, and I’ll hear “pat…pat…scraaaape…” And I will rise, half-dead with sleep, to straighten the abused art. Then I’m up already, and he leaps down, runs to the hallway, and looks at me beseechingly to indicate that he’s been fighting ninjas half the night and if I don’t give him something to restore his health bar, he can’t be held responsible for the consequences.

Bloody cat.


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Fun fact: John Cleese was actually supposed to say some really long and complicated name, but he forgot it and just said, “Tim” and everyone just rolled with it.

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