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Your results are excellent :) (To my surprise, I actually found that I quite like doing greenstuff things, like sculpted bases and so forth.)

I’ve done so much dumb/amusing/fun things with greenstuff over the years. Never a full sculpt, but a heck of a lot of modding and of course gap filling. The biggest project I ever did was my custom Shepard toy… but in 40K-ville it was probably the World Eater Dreadnought, a piece I’m still proud of. Then for some reason I decided to do a custom Templar army with a bunch of knightly mods to each figure. Too much effing work, but they look different at least. One of the reasons I wanted to do some Ultras, aside from loving their color and fluff, was to go back to a largely umodified army.

Dang this makes me want to dig through my closet for more models.


Side note: if any of you guys gets an urge to try miniature painting, I am a font of advice. Even though it has waned as my main hobby, it’s still something I’ve been doing on a semi-regular basis since I was twelve. Both painting and modding. In years of both doing it, and lurking on forums full of people much more skilled than I, I’ve accumulated a lot of Things That Will Make Your Life Easier and could probably write lengthy essays on the subject.

Photo Set

These guys are some of my oldest “collector” type figures. I bought them years ago, when I first started getting an income, from a now-defunct webstore called Twin Moons Anime.

The red-liveried VS-1S (right), a 1/48 scale fully transformable Yamato figure, was a direct result of me desperately wanting a Jetfire, and deciding to get the actual Valkyrie on which the Transformer was based. The YF-19 (left) is one of two hero test mecha from Macross Plus, also a Yamato. (I never did get my mitts on Guld’s YF-21 in 1/48th.)

Sadly, both figures have been afflicted with that bane of all unpainted white plastics — yellowing. Despite being taken care of, and in a non-smoking house. This is the life cycle of toys. I’m not relying on them as a nest egg or anything, but it’s too bad to see them age visibly when they’re both otherwise in excellent shape. Time to snoop around for fixes… the internet provides.

The much more dynamic, and much smaller, yellow skull fighter is a Revoltech. Much more posable, but no transformation. 



(Yay, a few people into 40K!)

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An old SCAD assignment to combine a movie with a certain comic artist’s style. 

So Hellboy and Labyrinth crossover. Despite my intense love for both this is the only fanart I have made.

Ahaha! Best crossover ever!

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Photo Set

My modest little herd of Ultramarines.

They occupy pride of place in a Detolf, for the fact that they’re actually painted and not contributing to the Closet of Shame (something every 40K aficionado is familiar with). They photographed pretty well with the lightbox setup. I’m no Golden Daemon contender… but I’m happy with how they look all together. :)

Hopefully this’ll motivate me to finish up the Devastators so I can justify some new additions… maybe even an Imperial Knight.

Photo Set

Four out of five members of Feral Rex, MMC’s version of Predaking. With a size comparison, just so you can appreciate how much of a monster this guy is. This is an ooooold toy lust coming together for me, dating back from being a kid who was terribly jealous of a friend who had all of them.

At long last, so will I. And the amazing updated version! ;)



Meanwhile, at Dragon Con (x)

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